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The Ageing Foot

Here at Appleby Podiatry we are experts in providing routine foot care to avoid developing problems that could stop you in your tracks. During your appointment we will be able to offer advice on ways to improve and maintain your general foot health, this may include the use of foot creams, changes in footwear, cushioning insoles and regular appointments.  

How We Can Help!

Mother nature can be a little mean as we age. Our feet become further away, our hands become weak, our eyesight diminishes, and our skin becomes thin and fragile, not to mention new hips and knees thrown into the mix. All in all, not so good for independent grooming and maintenance so let us provide your feet with some of the TLC they deserve. 

Hints and tips

After bathing always dry your feet well paying special attention to drying in between all your toes. Use regular skin lotion or special foot cream on your feet daily, making sure you do not put the cream in between the toes.

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